AOE Coin will available at




ICO 2017 dates:

= ICO Nov 1st, 2017

Type of offer

= Token Offering on Waves Platform


= Began $0.05 per Coin USD. (We can issue priced blocks and will not issue the entire supply all at the same time, but stage in as orders come and as we need funds. At Nov 8 the price is $0.25c USD

Commissions Qualification

= 1000 AOE Coins sold minimum before we pay commission (culumative total sales paid into your sales agent key)

Tokens Available

= 1,000,000,000 Split into 4 offerings of 250 Million and begin 250 Million on waves.

Token Type

= Waves platform, then ERC20 Token on Ethereum

When final supply drained

= Any time, though we keep rights to “stock split” or issue more if needed

How many out per year?

= Oversubscription model leaning = will result in price appreciation will tend to list more coins as need capital, and keep supply tight.

Min. Purchase per token

= 1 Token

Maximum Purshase/Person

= 125 Million


= See Benefits and Payment schedules

Accepted Cryptos

= Waves (which can be purchased by BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, Euro

Group Structure

= AOE, AOE Angkor, E=Fi.CleaNergy2, E=MineCleaNergy2

Platform or new build

= Waves platform and Ethereum, with new build towards EOS type system later.


= May employ smart contract addons in future


= AOE reserves the right to split or diulte in the interest of the ecosystem and to ensure quality fair return, safety, and security for investors, and to link all coins


= Waves Dex = Fastest Blockchain in the world

We can achieve what we need on the Waves platform and will add ERC20 to access more markets and investor pools.