Waves Platform DEX Listed1

Nov 1 2017

iOS and Android apps complete, 3 of 6 web projects complete. AOECOIN, AOE Angkor, E=FiCleaNergy22

DEC 31 2017

Begin Global marketing and sales campaign target 20mm-50mm3

Jan 15 2018

Install Commercial Scale Fuel Cell at major target4

FEB 2018

Installing 50KW a month5

End Feb 28

AOE Angkor Site complete6

Est Feb 28

IOS app complete7

Est Feb 28

Installing 100 KW a Month Solar to Orphanages and Social Targets8

End Q1

ERC20 Token Launch9

End Q2

Launch Securitized Verison on Waves Platform10

March 15 2018

E=MineCleaNergy Site Complete11

Est March 15

E=Fi.CleaNergy Site Complete12

Est March 15

Begin Global Marketing Campaign13

Est March 30

Install solar to 6 Install Sites14

Est March 30

AOE Achieves Cash Flow Profit15

Est March 30

E=Fi.CleaNergy platform running fully16

Est March 30

List Securitized ERC20 token17

Q3 2018

Get non securitized ERC20 on 3-4 exchanges and "max markets" and crowdfund campaigns18

Q3 2018

Round 2 Global marketing and sales campaign. (14 City Tour) +150mm19

April 15 2018

Hit 100 Servers Running20

April 30

AOE Solar Installing 20KW a month21

Est April 30

Secret Financial Product #122

May 2018

Achieve First Ever Cambodian Patent in history23

June 01 2018

Code new coin - AOECOIN with top programmers24

Round 3 raise roadshow goal 200mm (PRE-IPO round)25


Cash an integration26

June 01

Secret Financial Platform #227

June 2018

AOE Solar Installing 50KW a month28

Est June 30

Launch Securitized Waves Token Version29

Est June 30

Install Commercial Fuel Cell to E=MineCleaNergy230

Est June 30

20 Powercells Running31

July 30 2018

Launch ERC20 Token32

Est July 30

Round 2 Marketing (14 city, 16 location tour)33

Est July 30

Secret Financial Platform #334

Aug 2018

Manufactured first Rebuker35

Aug 2018

Hit 100+servers at E=MineCleaNergy236

Est Aug 30

Hit 1000 Server Running37

Sep 1 2018

100 Powercells Running38

Dec 2018

Manufactured First ShockPossible GPU39

Dec 2018

Manufactured First Shockpossbile Power Supply40

March 2019

Manufactured First Shockpossible Board41

June 2019

Patent and Licensing Mill for all 1,71942

June 2020

Release of AOECOIN smart contract containing all 1,700+ AOE Teches43

June 2020

Blue Chip Tech Growth