Our Financial Partners

We support, are allied with, or supported by, a growing number of smart, innovative, visionary, top financial and other top firms, companies, and organizations due both their and our shared passions, visions, priorities, values, and commitments to high quality business, technology, and practices.

Future Partners

Please Refer Potential Partners on this List of Functional Areas, This will help our mission.


We are asking more investment partners and look forward to adding up to 150 total from 15 major nations so do refer your ib friends and partners

Venture Debt

We are an ideal candidate for venture debt as we generate immediate incomes from our power plants and projects

Equipment Finance

We are an ideal candidate for equipment finance and leasing as we generate immediate assets when we build our power systems and servers

Solar Finance

Our Clients are ideal candidates for solar finance from either commercial, private lenders, or platforms

Real Media Partners

As It is very difficult to find media who will write about or cares about these pressing human issues instead of just payment, we could use referrals.

Digital Currency Promoters

As we are in Cambodia, not silicon alley or Switzerland, We don't have access to any promoters other than our loved contributor, Japan's Token News.

Grid Builders

We have on the schedule to chase Malaysia's Pestech, A Top Cambodian grid builder from Malaysia, but are interested to speak with others about powering private grids in Cambo/Myanmar off the main centralized exclusionist grid lines.