Our Core Business Basic

AOECOIN’s Core Business is AOE ‘Alpha Omega Energy’ and the building out of our diversified Eco-System of World-Changing Technological Social-Enterprises. First is our AOE World Leading Electricity Service Business delivering energy to our large Industrial and Commercial Clients at a significant discount to the retail power prices.

AOE is focused entirely on select undeveloped peaceful nations for the future of deployment and commercialization of our World Leading #1 in Nearly Every Class Breakthrough Energy Technology Portfolio.

Our focus is the internal manufacturing and installation of our power generation systems to our select clients. AOE also contains a Solar Division, A Clean Energy Mining Company and Data Center to mine AOECOIN, Waves, ETH, and others and process a wide array of stable transactions.

AOE also has groundwork laid for a World Changing Financial Technology platform that solves a number of the biggest problems the undeveloped nations face which Governments, Dev-Orgs, NGOs, Politicians, and the financial industry have all too long ignored.