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  • addWhy are you so "Christiany?"
    lol, well, Jesus is just an awesome bloke. He cared way more about good people than any other leader in humanity's history, and his life and lessons are the true representation of love, compassion, and victorious life despite all persecution and unfairness. Jesus is the ultimate fan of the underdogs, and those trying to change the world to what is truly better.
  • addWhat denomination of Christians are you?
    AOE currently has christians and non christians but the values are from Jesus and Jesus' mouth himself. They don't need to be from any denomination as they are from Jesus not a denomination. In this respect and others you can say we are non denominational, just like Jesus said we should be when the pastors confronted him to find out who was right and he said you are all wrong and all fall short of the glory and grace of God. We love all Christians, just like Jesus did and does. We hope to see more people and groups learning and sharing about Jesus.
  • addWhat are the general values differences of AOECOIN versus other coins

    1. All investors MUST get a principal Guarantee, this is the right thing to do and the minimum standard if you are asking for people’s money is to PAY THEM BACK their capital.

    1. You should be as frugal as possible with investor’s money and have no right to buy lambos etc on investor money as it’s not your damn money. You should have to have real profits first and real profits ARE NOT investor’s capital.
    2. You should get to profit as soon as possible ideally not in 15 years like tesla Motors etc (however they are profitable on a balance sheet basis which definitely counts, also same Amazon) it makes sense to do so you can also get commercial finance and not just VC and syndicate lender. 
    3. All investors should get some minimum interest guarantee unless their government is stripping this from them in which they may have to comply with this right stripping insanity
    4. We will never make material misinformations to investors at least certainly not unless some big opps oversight occurred but generally that’s not a concern for most companies
    5. We will put the kids first and they are our first investors and coinholders 1% each in front and first before all you other investors
    6. We are a for-profit social enterprise and though we aim to make a gory profit, it is for the purpose of scaling fast to change the world not to get rich or buy freaking lambos like a pack of greedy sickophants