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  • addCan we contribute technology? If so, how?

    Yes you can if you like. Please if you do,

    #1. If you just want to donate your technology or suggestions, just feel free to send it in.

    #2. If you want credit for your technology, send it in saying so with your name, full contact information, and government identification. If you choose this option, rest assured, We won't steal your technology like Greedy Bill Gates said he will do on his BEV website where he propagandizes that the crooked corrupt crony establishment is the best place for energy breakthrough and you the real energy innovators are not. We may comment on your tech or give you advice or not. Beware; A. we have 2,120 Techs as of July 16, 2018, including more than 60 new generarots. It is likely we already know what you know so if you are sending in something you think is unique, we may already have that or far better. B. If we make it better or it inspires us to make new tech, that new creation of ours is ours! :-) We will not steal your tech however and will try to get you some credit for that. We are very busy however and don’t currently have capital to do much in this area YET. We do not and will not ever buy technology. We have so much already it just doesn’t make sense. In the future we plan to make a new fund that invests in innovators once we finally gain our investment rounds. We will invest to some innovators under very strict conditions that many innovators won’t like. Great innovators/tinkerers are not generally management nor business oriented. They need help. We will invest to bringing in people to commercialize this tech sso it’s successful. We will never be about handing innovators checks (maybe some exception is possible, I know one we will do this to, but this is a very rare person among the group) We are glad for other sparks to send in their ideas and we won’t scam you like 99% of others out there. We are willing to give some AOECOIN to those who help (though we don’t really actually need it in the tech space) We just want to help as we know NO ONE will help you with this fairly. There are other ways you can help us get to that point faster by supporting our project with videos, reviews, etc, and send them to us. God bless you and thank you for your support and hopefully we can help many innovator fellows in the future.

  • addDoes AOE opensource tech?
    No we don't. We are a for-profit social enterprise venture and commercialize our technologies for profit and scaling. We feel and have seen strongly without a doubt that this is the best method to succeed in our mission, and in fact that thousands of attempts to do it otherwise in the last 130 years have failed completely.
  • addCan we buy or license AOE Technology?
    If you are a professional tech seller or agent, with an existing book of tech sales, you can send us your financial offer, if not, no sorry we are not accepting requests to buy, license, or franchise our tech from the general public.
  • addHow did you make so much tech?

    #1. (The REAL answer, which many won’t accept nor like) I listened to God and asked God, the Ultimate Technology Innovator in the Ultimate Maker's Space. If you want to understand energy, you should go and ask the one who made it. I did, and now I have more than anyone else. I don’t think it’s much of a coincidence.

    #2. Belief. My mother only read me one line from the Bible in my life, but that one line changed my life and mind and I remember literally some power up mode feeling physically in my brain when she said it. “All Things Are Possible In Him Who Believes.” Jesus Christ. I knew it when I heard it I knew it was the most powerful thing any human being has ever said and that it was the most true thing in the Universe.

    #3. The answer those who refuse to accept a #1 and #2, that may satisfy you crazy doubters and innovator deniers that say technology is somehow impossible and ideas and innovators somehow miraculously don’t exist. For you foaming at the mouth knuckle dragging neo-luddites from USA, Australia, Germany I have met at fairs. Your idea that technology can’t exist or must work within the tiny propaganda limits of your feeble definition of man made up so called “laws of physics” which is an idea far more radical and disprovable by hard evidence than your claim that God doesn’t exist and anyone saying #1or #2 is a kook. (though what energy innovator isn’t at least a little bit kooky I’ll admit in self-jest :D )

    = I guess that since I grew up in a family of radical engineers comprising a #1 in nation mechanical race car engineer, a power engineer that worked on the US Kittyhawk and was the nation’s youngest ever Fire Chief (power engineering) that made small hydro dams, worked on H2S gas safety and made new technology for such, a member who was the inventor of one of the most commonly used LED switches, an electrical engineer, gas fitters, the #1 Hydrogen car inventor in the world, Fuel Cell experts, inventors of new National hydrogen gas safety certifications, consumer products electrical engineers and repair specialists, and family member geniuses so obsessed with electricity that they cut apart houses at 8 years old because they had to see the wires in the house and how it all works, and since I grew up in “Oil country” and “Fuel Cell Country” and “Mining Country” and took a broad base of Physics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Biology, and was generally an A student in School, scored a 128,128,132 on IQ tests, became a financial engineer making financial products and investment and lending products and derivatives and economics analysis and prop trading, and then when they all were killed and the last of them gone I decided to pick up their torch as my so loved family and become like that, if osmehow I could, and lucky for everyone it’s working. Now I extrapolate from previous concepts and contrary to the innovation deniers who believe there will be an iPhone 20 but still believe it’s impossible for energy tech improvements to happen, well, so many of the more modern techs are built from the previous techs. More and more I find myself relating one thing to another and one tech automatically opens the door(s) to many others just like a new jigsaw puzzle piece that interlocks whole sections. Techs are complimentary and a process of learning. The more I learn the easier it is to piece together knowledge contributing to new inventions or modifications for different applications. This opens the doors to Creativity and compounding concepts. The more I learn the more I learn I keep saying this. i am a sponge for knowledge and my list of things to learn is so huge I don’t know where I will get the time. A lightbulb evolved into the LED it didn’t become an LED overnight but took decades of step by step improvements and modifications. I also have been moving forward on this path and hope to continue. Inspiration begets further inspiration. Years of studying under radical energy nutters and them trying to teach you brings a lot of learning plus years of learning and then doing it yourself in family mission. I don’t think I am a genius. Fact is most of my inventions come when I’m very tired exhausted mind to nearly semi-conscious sleep state, deep thinking (non-drug user non-drinker) many in morning waking up, many at church or just after or saturday, and I’m constantly thinking about God the creator Engineer making all of this and relating biblical references and aincient civilization references and how it all ties into energy and how these systems work in physics. While my family was all alive I only had one tech however. When I walked this mission with God wow now I have 2,120. I don’t care which one people think or like, the Real answer is #1+#2 for me however, and sometimes I wodner strongly if my family isn’t helping me from heaven. I have woken up from dreams with amazing tech. I have re-engineered some of Nikola’s tech. I want to learn more become better because I like to know it now, I want to know how it all works, I find it slightly more boring to just say enough is enough and never learn more. The idea of that seems dreadful to me.

    Invest, you will see. For all of those hateful Radical Neo-Luddites out there, you may want to consider getting some mental therapy because contrary to your radical-neoluddism, technology DOES exist, and it’s being invented every day by people like myself all over the world. Just because you have no ideas doesn’t mean others don’t have them. In fact VC’s are noted for saying “Everyone has ideas, ideas are free, who cares! ideas are worht nothing! But can you make the business? can you return on investment? Unless you can your idea is worth nothing.” If you don’t have any ideas of your own (Nikola Tesla Quote similar) perhaps you shouldn’t be so fast to criticize those who do have them, or if you do, make sure to invest so you can make money off their success since you have none of your own to make any money on. But say thanks, being ungrateful is a pretty disgusting character trait.

  • addWhere is your laboratory?

    #1 THE REAL ANSWER = It's everywhere in the universe, I never left it and never leave it. It's even anywhere I close my eyes. My laboratory is in the mind as is Nikola Tesla’s laboratory or any other keen innovator. The imagination and picturing things in my mind. I can 3D VR image in my mind zoom in out turn rotate and go from nanao to universal scale instantly in the mind but you cant do that in some laboratory. The mind is far better than any A.I. or Software (though software can definitely help) A huge part of my tech was made in prayer or driving on my motorcycle in traffic.

    Nikola Tesla said “When I get a new idea I do not rush into actual work. I build up the idea in my imagination and make improvements and operate the devie in my mind. When I have gone so far as to embody everything in my invention, every possible improvement I can think of, and when I see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form the final product of my mind.” My method is no different than Nikola Teslas. I can imagine nearly very part of a car and draw it all instantly in 3D in my mind turning to any angle and zoom depth and spread out parts at will in my mind. I can draw it all on paper instantly any machine I know. My drawing absolutely sucks but I can still do it and explain all of it as I’m going and have done so and even iterated tech in the process many times explaining to others. Teching seems to breed often more tech especially when I’m asking many questions as I’m doing it, my mind seems to answer them. Go ask any mechanic if he can explain how a car works to you and picture it and point at the car and just point and explain where each part is and how it works and what its doing as its all moving and teach you. I guarantee you 99% of them all can do it. It is really no different than this. Some people have no imagination and ruined theirs sadly. Better teach your children how to build up a good imagination. Einstein said it is one of the most powerful things in the universe, that imagination is far more powerful than knowledge, and the true sign of intelligence isn’t knowledge, but imagination.

    If you don’t like this answer and are a meticulous lab rat tester doing 10,000 thoughtless experiements like a Thomas Edison did, please beware hahaha, our minds may not be compatible. Just like you can’t imagine how other people can picture things in their mind, I can’t possibly imagine how the hell you can’t.

  • addDo you believe in free energy?

    There is no such thing as "Free energy" though energy is as God said, "In all things and through all things" You need to make equipment to get electricity into the circuit and or conductor. It doesn't just jump in there all by itself.

    Hydroelectric power is free energy
    Solar is free energy
    Wind is free energy
    Wave power is free energy
    But they aren't free to build, install, maintain, plan, license, pay for land costs, are they? No. There is sadly nothing free about energy.
    However, just like these 4 innovations and the thousands of technologies comprising them now, there are endless ways to harness the power of the universe just like these and AOE has more than 60 all new "environmental generators" which capture the power of high energy flow just like these do.
    There is Factually no such thing as “Free Energy” and it simply doesn’t exist. There are only Cheaper or more cost-effective ways to make clean energy systems. Using this term “Free Energy” is a little bit ignorant innocently and we need to not use it. Solar is free energy, but the equipment costs money and so do the laborers to install it and so do they to clean it etc. Time to stop talking about “Free Energy” like as if it’s some dreamy miracle. It is in a way a miracle since God made it all, but, We don’t work for free either, who can? Maybe Greedy Bill Gates can or should.
  • addWhat is your view on fusion for energy?
    It's absolutely a huge toxic energy industry pyramid scam that will never work. Fusion is a net loss mechanism whose benefits are not energy but fusion itself.