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  • addHow does your pricing model work?

    #1 We are not blindly listing all the coins to the market like other coins. We are listing them in tranches based on investor contacts or some amount of capital and will do more as they sell.

    #2 We set the price initially at 5c USD but realized it’s just too damn cheap so we raised it to 25c and then thought it’s too much and we have settled on 15c for the time being to attract investors and VC on a 40X+ level on a billion dollar IPO pricing AOECOIN at $4 a pop.

    #3 If demand is very strong, we will issue more coin offers on the market at slightly higher price each time they sell out again depending on the demand

    We feel that these 3 plus many features and benefits they provide to the project will help us significantly in creating a level increasing price and protect the downside for investors.