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  • addWhen will the KYC be completed?

    KYC (Know Your Client Rule) means you must identify yourself by providing identifying information about yourself, government issued ID, proof of residency, picture and video picture with government ID etc. This is to meet compliance for anti-money laundering rules, anti islamic-terrorism financing laws, and to actually help to link your investment to yourself which provides more security for you the investor/buyer. AOE is making an online KYC system that will make it fast and easy for investors. Every investor from a country that has rights-stripping rules on their citizens on what they can and can't put their money into with basic human rights of total privacy protection, must do KYC, for example all those from the USA, Canada, UK, AU, HK, China, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. It's not up to us to make sure we make you compliant, thats only up to you the investor to make sure you are following the laws of your country, we only help you in this as much as we can do at the time within our ability and out of respect for regulations forced upon us etc. It's the same as when you sign up for a bank account. Sorry for those who want that total "crypto-anonymity" but we are a completely legitimate project and company so we will be doing all can to follow rules and respect laws and protect our loved investors and supporters. For those who are not in rights-stripping gestapo like police-state nations well you don't have to submit KYCs. All your information WILL NEVER BE SHARED WITH ANYONE. We only submit to cambodian regs and not to any other nation and if they ask us for our data they can go to that hot place.

    We DO NOT have a fixed date for KYC as we are already on exchanges. Any buyers buying AOECOIN through AOE methods will have to submit KYC at that time, period, unless they can prove to us (with KYC) that they are from a nation that doesn’t require KYC. We will store that info in our database and not require their KYC to proceed any further than our verification.