Ecosystem Basic

The foundation of the AOE ecosystem begins with a diversified interconnected “conglomerate group” of real hard businesses in the sustainable high for-profit social enterprises categories. Focused squarely on Clean Energy and Related FinTech and Finance for Development in Undeveloped Nations, and then diversifying to serve hundreds of regional participants across the industry and then global markets development and advancement once solidified.

AOE Fuel Cell Division
AOE B2B Industrial and Commercial (I and C) Power service company.
AOE Angkor Solar
AOE Angkor Solar is a Solar Installer focused on the I and C market and social targets like schools, hospitals, social projects, and then everything else.
E=MineCleaNergy2 is an E-Coin mining company that takes part of the funds and uses them for social development contributions like paying for technology additions to schools like teachers, computers and more. It also allows unlimited 24/7 power demand scaling of AOE
E=Fi.CleaNergy2 is a financial technology platform that matches savers, investors , and financiers with AOE's Fuel Cell and Solar projects, helping clients get finance at low cost where it would otherwise be unavailable.
ShockPossible Servers 'For Digital Currency'
AOE Plans to begin a brand new digital financial transaction processing board manufacturer making the #1 in the World in Energy Efficient GPUs, Power Supplies, and Motherboards featuring a number of proprietary AOE technologies. Already promised a 50,000 piece order and estimates from major Asian Data centers for up to 500,000 pieces in orders they could find, and internal orders from AOE’s E=MineCleaNergy2. ShockPossible begins the journey to all new supplies in the future of New Money Economy Data Processing with industry wide leading possible disruptive shock