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Cambodia Energy Grid

Cambodia has linked 22 Provinces to the National Grid, but still lacks the power needed into the system, all construction is still not complete, power outages are frequent daily on the Vietnam line, with prices rising 30% in a single year not falling, industry in upheaval over the continued high cost, and no solutions in sight. Government and EDC rumors of claims pre-election that prices may drop, however the ruling party Parliament has disputed anything of the sort. Cambodia grid below the national grid is an absolute mess as to be expected in a severely undeveloped nation, and businesses and industry need new localized on site solutions that only Alpha Omega Energy Can Provide.

Cambodia Energy Report

Check Out What's Going on in the Cambodia Energy Abyss and Climate Change Nightmare While the Whole World Complains, Talks, and Does Absolutely Nothing To Support The Small Private Innovators Of Change With All The Solutions to the world's problems for the future of energy. Due to limited time and resources being a Startup, our website is a constant work in progress. Forgive us for the mess, day by day we will post the thousands of pages of material we have on Cambodia, it's Energy industry, Startup community, and total lack of Investment community nor willingness to invest in Startups, and the resistance to change it.


National Policy On Green Grown

Green Growth is stimulating comprehensive integration of the Kingdom of Cambodia into a regional framework and the world that helps contribute maintaining political and macro-economic stablitiy, especially the economic sector, environment, society, and culture progressing simultaneously towards harmonization, sustainability and balance, as well as enhancement of green economic growth, which maintains low carbon emission moving towards a society developed based on low carbon emission serving as a greenhouse reduction measure, climate change adaptation and poverty reduction in line with the RGC's goal to reduce poverty by one percent per year.


The Future Of Blockchain in Asia-Pacific

Blockchain is a decentralized software mechanism that enables a public distributed ledger system. The technology allows the tracking and recording of assets and transactions without the presence of a central trust authority such as a bank.


Investing In Cambodia

  • Macroeconomic Stability
  • Pro-business Government
  • Competitive Investment Incentives
  • One-Stop Service Investment Promotion Agency
  • Preferential Access to Regional & World Markets
  • Investment Protection
  • Efficient Infrastructure and Strategic Location
  • Sound Financial Sector
  • Abundant Resources, Labor, Land

Trademarks for SMEs: Registration Benefits

A Trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services produced or provided by one enterprise from those of other enterprises.


Royal Government of Cambodia Trade Development Support Program (TDSP)



This law applies to a partnership and company carrying on business in the Kingdom of Cambodia. A partnership composes of a general partnership and a limited partnership. A company composes of a private limited company and public limited.


“The Preparation of AEC Integration-Opportunities and Challenges for Business”

  • First and foremost bank in Cambodia – established in 1979 (over 33 years of experience)
  • Provides full ranges of banking services and products to SMEs, corporations, and retail customers
  • Grown from a single bank branch to 10 branches in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, Sihanoukville and has plan to expand to other major provinces
  • Specializes in all types of trade and payment financing

Cambodia’s Path to Sustainable Energy Security

The power sector in Cambodia, with domestic generation supply of around 3000 gigawatt hours (GWh) in 2015, is small compared with its ASEAN neighbours Thailand and Vietnam, but it is growing very rapidly.



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Cambodia Infographic

Cambodia has experienced rapid poverty reduction and fast economic growth accompanied by an accelerated rate of financial inclusion.


Cambodia National Energy Statistics 2016

Cambodia has been experiencing high economic growth during the past 5 years and this trend will continue at least to 2020, according to economic experts. In this regard, the country’s energy consumption could increase significantly. Unfortunately, no official energy statistics are available to monitor and evaluate this growth.

Cambodia Transit Map

Cambodia Transit Map

Cambodia Transit Map

Mekong Corridors

Cambodia Transit Map

Phnom Penh Metro