World Economic Forum Cambodia 2017

Watch and Learn from the W.E.F. Phnom Penh May 2017 which AOE was proudly invited to and attended, and the direction of Cambodia in the Asean Future Century Economic Explosion. Committed to Improving the State pf The World.

Prime Minister Cambodia - Samdech Hun Sen

Mr Hun Sen outlines the direction and status of Cambodia in ASEAN, it's goals and vision, work done founding AIIB, growth trajectory, lack of capital for infrastructure, participation in one belt one road and maritime silk road with China, and major economic development.

Sustainable Development Investment Partnership

A new development partnership has formed due to the massive demand for infrastructure and other sub-bankable projects and businesses which will assist AOE in accessing significant commercial capital.

World Economic Forum Cambodia 2017 Opening

Cambodia Economy

Watch and Learn about the Future of the Economic Growth of your Investment in the Cambodia Growth Story and Future Development.

Bloomberg - Douglas Clayton Leopard Capital

Liberal Stock Market listings, Frontier Market, Improving Laws each year, Strong conservative banking sector, US Dollar currency economy, Strong Currency stability, Open economy, Unleveraged Economy with low debt, Many economic zones growing quickly and manufacturing raging forward, Political stability strong and expected, Corruption improving GDP 7+ % Average for 20 years.

CNBC - Doug Clayton Leopard Capital

Light Manufacturing growing strongly, Technology and communications rising quickly in penetration. Agriculture industry strong but yet to develop into processing. Low wage costs just $153/m minimum wages.

CNBC - Sun Chanthol - Development Commission

Strong Macroeconomic stability average 7.7% 20 year GDP growth, World Bank welcomed Cambodia to the Olympians of Growth as #6 fastest growing economy on earth, poverty reduction occurring at fast pace, High Growth, Low Inflation, Low Debt to GDP, No Exchange Control, No Alien Business Law, Foreigns can own 100% of operations, Free flow in and out of capital, Average age demographics incredible 26 Years old, Located in Heart of Asean. Free society, capital population has doubled, Manufacturing yet to diversify, High educated workers growing at strong pace, Government shifting strongly to light manufacturing. Original founder of AIIB, Now working strongly on infrastructure.

CNN - Pauline Chiou

Powerful workforce and Pro-business Government. Just beginning it's economic rise, Stock Market is open and listing interest set to double listings shortly with low requirements for Growth companies to list. Very liberal and pro-business laws. No national power grid yet, power industry ripe to explode into growth. Strong tourism and manufacturing industries with 6.5 Million tourists a year now. Still low-technology and low machinery economy. All areas of economy growing at rapid pace. Power shortages making huge opportunity for power sector companies like AOE. 6-9% GDP growth page. Higher English penetration than China, with lower crime in business culture generally, and much lower labor costs. Incomes rising quickly in wage-inflation spiral at healthy pace. Over 1,514 factories now. Pre-flood investment market but coming.

Bloomberg - Sun Chanthol - Minister of Commerce

Strong FDI inflows, Government moving systems online for business, 7.5% GDP growth still strong, anti-corruption department now in place, minimum wages up 30%, consumer spending rising rapidly, costs of doing business coming down, salary $153 a month versus over $450 in China. 20% Corporate taxes.

Sok Siphana and Sun Chanthol - CDC Director and Transport Director

Asean Member and Chairman of Asean. Government very focused on creating jobs, improving infrastructure. Strong ruling party majority making political stability. Low Budget Deficit, Strong Currency exchange stability. Low inflation 4%. Cambodia ranked #1 in government-private sector collaboration by IFC international financial corporation. Government very pro-business attitude. Easy to reach government. 20% corporate tax lowest in the region. No import duties, no discrimination. Need tech transfer. Arbitration available in Bi-lateral agreements. Over 500 million consumers within 1.5 hours flight time. Member WTO. Free trade to USA and WTO nations. Now new ports, rail, airport.

Bloomberg - iProfile Cambodia 2

20 years of stable growth, 9.4% 10 year Average GDP, Dynamic market, 7-8% Growth forecast for GDP. Cambodia pressing for more value added manufacturing and development of diversified industry, and growth in Asean being the Center of Asean Geographically. A tremendous manufacturing hub to come with strong very conservative banking sector experiencing massive growth. 35 Commercial banks, 30 Foreign. ANZ, Maybank, ABA, RHB, Fintech growing. Government and society highly concerned about climate change as they are severely affected by human acellerated droughts now in earth-solar climate. Lack of investment is the problem.

ADB - Asian Development Bank Videos

ADB building out national highways, connecting all of ASEAN from Thailand to Vietnam, from Cambodia to Burma and Bangladesh, to Lao and China, and Ports and Bridges Interconnecting the Region into a new Billion consumer international marketplace of development future. Still a mass electricity need and not keeping up. High voltage trans lines from Vietnam but prices up 30% in a year, and down 5-8 times a day on Vietnam grid as Vietnam development overtakes its capacity. Electricity will continue to be a problem for the next 20-30 Years in Asean.

Fundhive - TripleOne Capital

Economic breakdown and Phnom Penh Focus. Ready for ramp-up into 21st century Developments, Manufacturing, and Growth, Estimated 30 years to full development catch up to modern economies. Very liberal and Global participation welcomed and respected unlike Dictatorial Closed to the World China attitude. Friendly to foreign business. Zero corrupt-China-style attempted forcing into Chinese ownership. Global embracing attitudes and policies. Embracing English the Global language of business and cooperation, and embracing the world, unlike China.

Bloomberg - Cambodia Banking Industry Feature

Banking sector in Full expansionary mode, beginning to diversify into more cross sold products, insurance beginning, microfinance very large rapidly growing industry, unsecured lending still nearly non existant, asset finance nearly non-existant, leasing non-existant, auto loans just beginning, credit cards just beginning, investment loans not yet begun, securities lending non-existant, huge growth to go, and weak investment capital for business expansion prompting huge opportunity for those who can gain it to be able to grow. at incredible speed. We need your finance.

NBT World News - Cambodia Economy

Government policy is hard pressing development for many years, Free Trade Government in regional single market. Healthy with steady growth. Asean Integration bringing surges of investment from all over Asean but the rest of world yet to flood it with Dollars and significant participation. FDI flowing and launching significant benefits all across the development zones and main corridors. Government has master planning in all regions.

Star News Malaysia- Shanon Wong

Stable Environment, Malaysian Businesses now overtaken by many other Asian nations in investment and the diversity continues. All political parties are pro-Global with strong business expansion and development focus, great peace interest among all parties with no real radical variance in focus for the future of the nation. Strong anti-corruption sentiment among the people and opposition parties if there were to be any Change in 2018. Gentle hospitable people. Zero VAT on equipment for business investment. Business growing but lacking infrastructure still and huge opportunity long term especially in our sector and business mode.

Cambodia Opportunity and Introduction

Now Deep Sea Port, Expanding Airports, 8 Mobile companies, strong arable land supply and good resources. Fisheries strong, forestry, rice exports rising, shoes, silk and textiles, nuts, rubber. Main export destinations are North America and EU.

World Economic Forum 2017 Cambodia

World Economic Forum Descends On Cambodia Phnom Penh May 2017 Clean Energy, Impact Investment, Sustainable Economy, Climate Change, Financial Innovation, all on the Top of the Agenda.

Asean Industrial Revolution 4.0

Restructuring Economies and Finding New Sources of Growth. Borders dropping, Need Employment and that means Power, Robotics, 3D Printing, Preparing for the future, Where does a countries competitive advantage come from? Development models need to Change, Technology is re-writing the rules, Innovation at a much faster rate than we have ever seen.

3 Keys For Development

Long Term Investing, Infrastructure, and Development. 4.5 Trillion a year is needed to achieve the sustainable goals. Basic infrastructure needed is 60 Trillion over 15 years. Developing economies don't have the capital to grow. Re-designing development finance, mainstreaming Impact Investing, Accelerating Capital Market Development.

Cambodia Construction

Watch and Learn about the Massive Construction Boom in Cambodia and in Particular the Capital of Phnom Penh and the Sihanoukville Port and Resorts Area and the huge escalating Clean Energy Local Power Demand Growing.

Bloomberg - Construction Cambodia

The power sector is needed to grow, and a huge construction boom is undergoing with shopping malls, major global developers, an office buildings boom, a rapid infrastructure boom, as Cambodia is working on the catching-up mode with the region. Free trade zone developing fast. Real estate demand rocketing forward.

CNN - Phnom Penh Growth Focus Development

Transformational growth to rapidly modernizing southeast asia metropolis - doubled its population in just 4 years, resulting in a building boom. Called the pearl of Asia, with comparatively cheap land costs and chap labor costs. 45,000 condos coming online and more flow coming in.

VOA News Voice of America - Capital Property Market Investment Boom.

Low Tax Base 20% versus high in China, Lower prices than many Asian cities, Gap in many markets of development, great location in Asean, cheap land, low regulation, US Dollar Economy in Asia, tight banking focused on property investment collateral. Chinese capital flight and manufacturing relocation, global investment diversification.

The New Look of Phnom Penh MegaProjects

Take a look at the absolute explosion all over the Capital city in Megaprojects development bringing in developers from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and more. World class offices, towers, resorts, factories, development and industry zones, ports and bridges, residential zones, shopping complexes and infrastructure developments. (music track is loud)


Watch Learn about the Massive Development in Cambodia in Manufacturing, and The Huge Demand for Power rising at 5-10% a year soaking up all possible supply.

AP Associated Press + ADB Asia Development Bank - Cambodia Manufacturing

Cambodia is the new china for manufacturing. Manufacturing explosion in garment and shoes. 2-3 factories a week opening with over 15,000 open now and 80 Last year. Vietnam and Thailand full of investment and looking for more diversified opportunity at lower cost. China Malaysia, HK, SG, Japan, Korea all seeking lower cost Manufacturing in Cambodia. More power demand.

Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone

Full professional presentation video showing you with your own eyes what is going on in Cambodia, beginning of explosive growth in all sectors underway, with major bottlenecks in power especially high demand distributed local generation that solar and wind just can not assist due to the large capex need, lack of footprint, lack of wind resources, wet seasons twice a year. They need AOE Powercells immediately. Time for your investment future. 300,000 new workers a year. Reform oriented government.


Watch Learn about the Huge Energy Lack, and Demand Boom in Cambodia and the future long term growth of this industry as it needs 50x the Energy it has now.

iProfile - Energy Opportunity Cambodia

Demand expected to double by 2020, exploding year over year between 5-10% growth, but supply has fallen way behind with only 65% of villages even having an electric pole, and the development zones still not having enough power. Antiquated grids and one of the highest costs in Asean makes huge growth pace guarantee for the power sector due to emergency level demand. Government focus on power is to double supply again by 2035 but still this is a mere 5% of what is truely needed to being Cambodia into the information age.

Cambodia Energy Opportunity - EAC

in 2020 according to EAC regulatory body, only 65% of homes will be electrified, but reports in 2017 show that not even 65% of villages are electrified. The power delivery has grown 10 times in ten years but mass bottlenecks in the system and zero choice for the power consumer and industry to cut costs leaves huge door for Alpha Omega Energy to grow for decades to come.

Asean Industrial Revolution 4.0

Building a nation, Energy powers growth, Cambodia has abundant development potential, but lacks the necessary power supply to the people. Finally there is a national power grid to all provinces scheduled for completion, but without power necessary, there are still daily blackouts in many locations, 35% of towns have no power at all, and 80% of the population remains to have less than adequate electricity. Grid infrastructure is weak below the national level, and supply will not meet current demand for years, and once does, consumption is growing at 20% while there will be only 5% of OECD nation's supply.


Cambodia tourism is growing rapidly and already has 6.5 Million tourists a year with booming growth in hotels and higher end developments and services and infrastructure which all are reliant on reliable 24 hours power that isn't available.

Bloomberg - Cambodia Tourism

Diversification in tourism is causing massive growth in tourism development up the scale and tourism has nearly doubled in the last 3 years and is expected to rapidly grow towards 10 million as the Asean region rises and global growth continues. Government is concerned with Climate Change and developing the tourism industry massively in the coming decade, requiring massive power infrastructure delivery and development.

Technology and Startup

Cambodia is just Beginning the infotech and light-tech penetration revolution and NGO's are supporting the collaboration process. Machines-Tech? Clean-Energy Tech? Manufacture-Tech? Engineering-Tech? Investment-Tech? That's Us.

USAID - Development Innovations

Greta Greathouse speaks on Business Collaboration as NGOs flock in Cambodia with nearly 600 actives, helping government to develop skills, language, and training in business and entrepreneurialsm, but without any investment support to be able to actually develop much with the skills bases. Advice is great but without the investment it really doesn't go anywhere. Great Startup opportunities abound in a place like Cambodia, but there exists virtually zero investment community and NGO's don't invest in business

Life In Cambodia

Learn for yourself with your own eyes the broad variance from the development zones Booming, to the massive lack of development and future potentials all across the market. Power, Infrastructure, Staples, and Industry 1.0-3.0 Rocketing.

Amy Teitel - What Americans get wrong about Cambodia

90% of Banking deposits and transactions are USD.

Amy Teitel - What is life Really Like In Cambodia

Cambodia population is 16 plus million now. Imbalance between socio-economic classes today still. Huge disparity but a growing middle class is booming. Education is low but improving quickly in the Capital cities. Mass growth around the cities with incredible entrepreneurialism as a staple of survival.

Top Global Faces

Learn for yourself what top minds in business are saying about why it makes sense to use and support the Alpha Omega Energy Future.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Support Clean Energy

California, the #7 Economy on Earth, has performed exceptionally well due to it's massive push for Clean Energy and Green economy standards and support. Arnold says, "Don't talk and talk Bullshit, Invest in Clean Energy and environmental standards, it's good for the economy."