AOE On Bitcoin

To invest to, or support by donation to the AOE project, you can send us bitcoin to our bitcoin wallet at: 146NJSJS4fHQ54Vf8sPJgYJGQtt1W87UJc
You can send us ETH at: 0x9cd6acf2e1Fa0477fB407e7118E40C6A72634680
Please also send us an email with the transaction reference numbers, your name, number, address, identifying information so we can make sure you get paid back and with your return if you want one, and in case you ever lose your wallet or lose access etc! Thank you. If you just want to donate, feel free. If you want to make anonymous investment, send us some anonymous identifying information like an additional 16 digit password that we can use to confirm its you if we ever need that to verify you. Send us this private code you make BEFORE you send the transfer! Only way to be sure its you. Send an uneven amount like 0.531 BTC etc then tell us that amount and what the wallet address you will send from is. This helps us make sure its your code! Thank you.

AOE On Waves

**AOECoin: This coin with “AOEC” capitalized and small “oin” is NOT the correct coin on waves. The correct coin is ALL CAPITALS AOECOIN. We have only AOECOIN currently.
** This is the site of one of our partner sales agents, and we will be taking it over shortly and adjusting it but have not done so yet.

AOECOIN Waves Dex Symbol Address:


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Guide To Use Waves platform

How To Get Waves Platform

Step 1:
Download Google Chrome Browser

+ Waves platform is a Google Chrome based system. You need to use Google Chrome browser to use it. Google Chrome has extra security features also. Please download it then add the waves platform ìclientî (add-on, application) to your chrome browser.

chrome desktop
Step 2:
Go to and download the client (not the Beta version web client)

+ Get Start Client from Waves Platform website.

chrome desktop

+ Waves lits App shows up in Google Chrome

chrome desktop

+ Confirm to Add Waves Lite App

chrome desktop

+ Waves Lite App Shortcut shows up on Apps Screen

chrome desktop
Step 3:
Launch the App

+ Open the app and begin to make your Waves account

Step 4:
Save your seed

+ This is important step. Make sure to save your seed somewhere safe and only you can access to it. Anyone with your seed can open your account from anywhere.

+ Copy your wallet address to somewhere safe.

+ Finish the form and press the Register button.

chrome desktop
Step 5:
Start trading!

+ Congratulation, now your wallet is ready and you're good to go.

chrome desktop


Step 1:
Navigate to Waves Decentralized Exchange Tab!

+ In this step, You need to click on the Waves Decentralized Exchange and Replace Bitcoin with AOECOIN or With our Token Address!

+ In case there i a problem of searching AOECOIN, you can enter the address directly.

chrome desktop

AOECOIN Address: VbgicVCvZWTzWDndNjY73L8wYLB75rPZrKwmvd8RCjt

chrome desktop

+ Congratulations, You are good to go. You can start to buy or sell on AOECOIN right now!!!

chrome desktop

Tutorials and Videos

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