AOECoin VS Typical ICO

  • ICO is full of pitfalls and a lot of people are talking about the scams the cheats and the crap plaguing ICO, and there are also some ponzis in the cypto markets. Anyone who decides to go clean and makes any real securities or companies of actual value, the SEC is moving to shut them all down and make it only for the rich. AOECoin has broken this mold.

  • A great quote is:
    “ICO usually extracts all the value and rights investors usually would get, and they don't give the buyer exposure to appreciation in profit or future value of the company. They are just for speculators to pump and dump on. They Should Be providing profit exposure to some kind of actual company or business upside, profit potential in the community growth, but they're not and they never do and they won't do it.”

  • AOECoin is FIRST in giving the coin holders Unprecedented Strong physical backing in clean energy projects and our businesses and we give real participation in the profits of the ecosystem and these businesses and profits. There is real business and real income that transfers to the currency holders. This is unlike any other currency in the world. It's not a security and can not be securitized. Anyone anywhere can now invest in our clean energy projects and breakthrough technology commercialization and share in the financial benefits.

  • “Why will your currency increase in price?”
    This is a question investors should be asking ICOs. Most have no real reason. The REAL AOECoin businesses and their real net asset values, balance sheets, and these profit credits and interest payments of the company and ecosystem put into the coins will push up the value. We also have a floor in price in the real value secure financial backing of these projects. We will also add more businesses in the future that support and build this ecosystem. This is like “Clean Energy Mining” and “Breakthrough Clean Energy Technology Mining”

  • “How do they investors grow their purchasing power?”
    This is also a good question, Most ICO also have no reason. The underlying asset value of AOECoin investments will increase in time as they are actually invested in powerful businesses with huge demand that are very profitable. In the interest and profit linked bonuses, more value is sent to the coins every day. Unlike other ICO, we have an entire Conglomerate business network ecosystem we are building and that we will increase over time.

  • Talk about a hardware wallet! When we withdraw cash to USD, to allocate to such businesses and projects, Your money isn't even on the blockchain, its stored in power plants, solar installations, bitcoin mining datacenters, and real businesses, paying many streams of income back to your key and with Leading financial protection and accountability. This is a REAL STORE OF VALUE, unlike many other cryptos. It's yours, done deal, locked in.

  • AOECoin breaks the mold of all other ICO, giving Unprecedented Investment Potential and security for investors.