AOE already has plans to IPO on the Cambodia Stock Exchange (CSX) in 2018. The more successful this ICO, the more successful will our IPO be so please invest heavily!

Cambodia Stock Market “Growth Board” requirements are just 1 year and a profit with $500,000 market value at the IPO. Currently there are no Technology, Startup, nor Energy companies on the CSX. There are only 5 companies of which 4 are private-public utilities and 1 private clothing maker. Our IPO will raise huge attention and interest around Southeast Asia and we will be promoting it heavily to Global Firms like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Merril, Softbank, Blackrock, Bain and Company VC, etc and many others. We will not be promoting locally in Cambodia as the local 12 firms will do that anyway vigorously for any interest there. The whole world wants to invest in the ASEAN future century economic explosion, we are going to give them the vehicle to do it in that they want. CleanTech Innovation and Deployment.

AOE has already met with the CEO of CSX and the listing board of CSX muliple times so far as well as the Cambodia Securities Commission in regards to this IPO.

All funds from 6-50 million will qualify for shares performance linking at Pre-IPO (30 days to IPO)
- These funds will also experience a credit of 5% discount to the IPO price at this time
- New money buy ins from ICO coin holders will qualify for new money buy-ins Pre-IPO stage at 7% discount

Amount of total company shares credited at each level. (cumulative)
6-million = 5% of shares
10 million = 6% of shares
20 million = 7% of shares
30 million = 8% of shares
40 million = 9% of shares
50 million = 10% of shares

Should the IPO do well, Coin investors will likely experience a large value surge in AOE coin, plus a value surge in their share value linking credits

**AOE will take 1% of the IPO raise funds also and pay out as well immediately a bonus to all these Coin holders who held from initial investment into the AOE Coin. Another bonus 1% will be split among the AOE contributors to date.

Linking visual

You invest $1,000,00 + 6% interest

+1.5% profit share linking credit

= $60,000

= $15,000


5% Discount Credit = linked to performance of $1,050,000

+ Stock rises 30%, = gain 30% in linking credits.

Total Balance in 1 year post IPO.

= $50,000

= $315,000

= $1,440,000 net 44%

Are these rights or is this contract a Transferable benefit to others? = NO.
(you can get this paid to you, but you can not transfer the rights to get these benefits to others

So is it a Security? No!! Absolutely not. It flies in the face of how every security works. In order to be a security, it must have uniform benefits trasferable to another which retain their structure upon transfer. This doesn't exist in AOECoin because each key has their own conditions, each person's (key) is ultimately an individual contract agreement with AOE and the keyholder.

AOECoin can be bought and sold freely when AOE hasn't pulled it off the system yet into USD to be invested in the AOE businesses, however the opportunity to share in any benefits of these companies are thus individually done and can not be transferred to others. They cancel and end with AOE.


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