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  • Large Multiples Return Potential
  • Real Income Business with Many Benefits Fed to the Account Holders = You
  • Real Asset Backing in Breakthrough Clean Energy Power Plants
  • Headed to Fast IPO with Multiple Exit Strategies
  • #1 in Global Energy Technology Portfolios
  • 1,920 Breakthrough Tech Commercializations possible with your investment.
  • Can Immediately Allocate 250 Million to 2.5 Billion Dollars in Projects.
  • Sustainable, Reliable Electricity Utility and Layered Ecosystem
  • A Real Hard Solid State Utility Value Business Ecosystem on the Blockchain.
  • Christian Values Security in Business
  • Can keep your anonymity as you invest
  • Easy low to no ‘opportunity stealing regulations’
  • Pride for Supporting the #1 in Small Private Innovators
  • Begin contributing to Philanthropic Sustainable Enterprises in Priority First Undeveloped Nations
  • Moonshot Platform, Intention, and Full On Build Direction
  • We ARE Change The World, Full CHARGE.
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  • Immediate Increased Profits
  • Better Bottom Line Financial Performance
  • Solutions Without Capital Use
  • Clean Energy Contributions
  • Pride for Supporting the #1 in Small Private Innovators
  • AOE Systems make 200-600x the power per sq meter as solar
  • AOE Systems require no land to buy
  • AOE Systems run 24 hours a day, solar runs on average 4 hours and you may be without more than a mere 15% of the power for many days
  • AOE Systems run at night. Solar no wind no
  • AOE Systems make no noise like loud noisy generators
  • AOE Systems require much less maintenance than Solar and you don't need to pay people to clean them
  • AOE Systems don't need capital for you to buy them
  • AOE Systems can be stacked, solar no wind no.
  • AOE Systems have free maintenance, solar no wind no.


These clients have either directly requested, or accepted, or expressed order intention for us to install our #1 in the World Power Solutions to their facilities and buildings at their locations in Cambodia, and/or their partial or entire verticals globally.

Scroll down to see just some of the interest we have recieved, a total of more than 157 Megawatts to date and over 100 install locations.


These are some of the demand clients which have expressed request to have AOE powercell installed to their facilities for these amounts.

#1 Bank in the Country - 300 Branches 1MW
#1 Soft Drink Maker in the World - 900 Factories 1MW
#1 Soft Drink Maker in the World 2nd factory 400 KVA
#1 Water Bottler in Phuket - 8 Nations 4.8 Megawatts
#1 Global Chemical Company 1MW
Vietnam Industrial Zone 1MW
#1 Global Industrial Gas Maker 2MW
#2 Global Industrial Gas Maker 1MW
Solar Farm Development Bid 100MW
Industry Power Plant 10MW
Private Regional Grid 10MW
Factory Private Grid 10MW
Regional Power Retailer 3MW
Texas Factory 800 KVA
#1 Hotel Chain in the World - 4,000 Hotels 200 KVA
#1 5 Star Hotel in the Country 400 KVA
#1 Local Luxury Hotel in the Country - 3 Hotels 600 KVA
#1 Mineral Water Bottler in the Country 800 KVA
National Water Commission 2MW
National Water Irrigation 1MW
#1 New National Japanese/Cambodia E-Coin Miner 3.4MW
#3 National Brewery 100 KVA
Cambodia/Korean Home Builder - 7500 homes plan 3MW
Large Christian School 40KVA
Large Regional Beverage Company 800KVA
Top 3 Local Cruise Ship co. 4Mw
Top 3 Cold Storage Cambodia 600KVA
Ministry of Industry 2MW
#1 Data Center in Cambodia 400KVA
#2 Data Center in Cambodia 400KVA
Orphans and disadvantaged kids retreat 40KVA
Factory Install 6500KVA
Cold Food Warehouse 3500KVA
Cold Food Warehouse 6500KVA


Governments directly, or major corporations and developers have spoken directly to us and requested installs in their nations, in our meetings with them at many venues, events, trade fairs and conferences, or direct solicitations.

AOE will be well positioned for our international expansion in future years with this already massive Global interest for the #1 in The World AOE Clean Energy Solutions Engineering and Innovation.


These are some of the demand clients which have expressed request to have AOE powercell installed to their facilities for these amounts.

Myanmar - National Energy Minister, Director to the Minister,
  Chairman of the Society of Industrial Engineers,
  Request for Pilot, then Major Projects in the Multi-Megawatt Levels
Philippines - National Energy Minister, Director to the Minister
- Request for Pilot, then Major Projects in the Multi-Megawatt Levels
- Major Solar Consolidator Request for Projects 10-100 Megawatt
- Local Investors in Mid stage start ups to expand to Philippines,
  Large scale projects 20-100 Megawatts
India - Meghalaya Province Government:
  Request for Pilot, then Major Projects in the Megawatts
Japan - Large Data Center
- Large Digital Currency Processors
Korea - Large Data Center
- Large Digital Currency Processors
Vietnam - South Vietnam Industrial Park Marketing Director:
  Welcome request to build projects at Megawatt Level
Laos - Smart City Development: Request for projects at Megawatt Scale
Bangladesh - #1 Renewable Energy National Company:
  Request for Pilot and Projects at Scale
Timor - Energy Department Director: Welcome Installation at Megawatts
Angola - Major Real Estate Developer: Megawatts for new commercial parks
Ghana - Real Estate Developer: Megawatts for mixed commercial / residential
Haiti - Renewable Energy Investment Fund: Megawatts Grid Fed Power Plants
China - Over 16 Megawatts of Demand Request
- Major Factories, Eco-City, City Government, Industrial Parties


AOECOIN’s Core Business is AOE ‘Alpha Omega Energy’ and the building out of our diversified Eco-System of World-Changing Technological Social-Enterprises. First is our AOE World Leading Electricity Service Business delivering energy to our large Industrial and Commercial Clients at a significant discount to the retail power prices.

AOE is focused entirely on select undeveloped peaceful nations for the future of deployment and commercialization of our World Leading #1 in Nearly Every Class Breakthrough Energy Technology Portfolio.

Our focus is the internal manufacturing and installation of our power generation systems to our select clients. AOE also contains a Solar Division, A Clean Energy Mining Company and Data Center to mine AOECOIN, Waves, ETH, and others and process a wide array of stable transactions.

AOE also has groundwork laid for a World Changing Financial Technology platform that solves a number of the biggest problems the undeveloped nations face which Governments, Dev-Orgs, NGOs, Politicians, and the financial industry have all too long ignored.

AOE has recently added a new division to manufacture 3 lines the #1 in energy efficient data server boards focused on digital currency.



The foundation of the AOE ecosystem begins with a diversified interconnected “conglomerate group” of real hard businesses in the sustainable high for-profit social enterprises categories. Focused squarely on Clean Energy and Related FinTech and Finance for Development in Undeveloped Nations, and then diversifying to serve hundreds of regional participants across the industry and then global markets development and advancement once solidified.

AOE Fuel Cell Division
AOE B2B Industrial and Commercial (I and C) Power service company.
AOE Angkor Solar is a Solar Installer focused on social targets like schools, hospitals, social projects, then the I and C market, and then everything else.
E=MineCleaNergy2 is an E-Coin mining company that takes part of the funds and uses them for social development contributions like paying for technology additions to schools like teachers, computers and more. It also allows unlimited 24/7 power demand scaling of AOE.
E=Fi.CleaNergy2 is a financial technology platform that matches savers, investors, and financiers with AOE's Fuel Cell and Solar projects, helping clients get finance at low cost where it would otherwise be unavailable.
Manufacturing the #1 All Electric Plane in History Flying with range over 2,000 Kilometers at over 250 KMPH shattering a huge number of aviation records and achieving the most sustainable aircraft in history, launching humanity into the all new Alpha Omega Energy Era Of Flight.


ShockPossible Servers 'For Digital Currency'
AOE Plans to begin a brand new digital financial transaction processing board manufacturer making the #1 in the World in Energy Efficient GPUs, Power Supplies, and Motherboards featuring a number of proprietary AOE technologies. Already promised a 50,000 piece order and estimates from major Asian Data centers for up to 500,000 pieces in orders they could find, and internal orders from AOE’s E=MineCleaNergy2. ShockPossible begins the journey to all new supplies in the future of New Money Economy Data Processing with industry wide leading possible disruptive shock.
AOE’s satellite designs will achieve unprecedented low cost high altitude entry, perfect for satellite communications to Undeveloped regions and extending the life of satellites significantly, opening all new doors of opportunity for achieving goals never even thought of before.


Alpha Omega Energy Solar Orphanage Program

AOE is giving the FIRST 1% of AOECOIN and the FIRST 1% of shares to the Disadvantaged Underdog Champions in Cambodia and Other Marginalized Peaceful Culture Nations into a trust to help them with their educational needs and pay for their University educations they otherwise \would not be able to afford. We challenge every ICO and coin company to meet their Minimum Ethical Standards to Humanity and to do the same. We will also be campaigning for a law to this effect that we shouldn’t just be doing it, but shoud have to do so, named the AOE Minimum Ethical Standards ICO Law and AOE Minimum Ethical Standards Stock Market Law.

AOE is aiming to switch every Cambodian Orphanage, “Legal Children’s Home” or Disadvantaged Kids and Person’s group facilities from toxic corrupt energy to The Cleaner Brighter Future of solar power.

We will also be Campaigning for the AOE Man-up Tax. a 0.25% tax on the earnings of males, to be given to females in disadvantaged peaceful culture nations. Why? Because the FACT is they simply don’t have the same income opportunities as us guys do, period. Now Man-Up.

Orphanage Kids


AOE Coin will available at




ICO 2017 dates:

= ICO Nov 1st, 2017

Type of offer

= Token Offering on Waves Platform


= Began $0.05 per Coin USD. (We can issue priced blocks and will not issue the entire supply all at the same time, but stage in as orders come and as we need funds. At Nov 8 the price is $0.25c USD

Commissions Qualification

= 1000 AOE Coins sold minimum before we pay commission (culumative total sales paid into your sales agent key)

Tokens Available

= 1,000,000,000 Split into 4 offerings of 250 Million and begin 250 Million on waves.

Token Type

= Waves platform, then ERC20 Token on Ethereum

When final supply drained

= Any time, though we keep rights to “stock split” or issue more if needed

How many out per year?

= Oversubscription model leaning = will result in price appreciation will tend to list more coins as need capital, and keep supply tight.

Min. Purchase per token

= 1 Token

Maximum Purshase/Person

= 125 Million


= See Benefits and Payment schedules

Accepted Cryptos

= Waves (which can be purchased by BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, Euro

Group Structure

= AOE, AOE Angkor, E=Fi.CleaNergy2, E=MineCleaNergy2

Platform or new build

= Waves platform and Ethereum, with new build towards EOS type system later.


= May employ smart contract addons in future


= AOE reserves the right to split or diulte in the interest of the ecosystem and to ensure quality fair return, safety, and security for investors, and to link all coins


= Waves Dex = Fastest Blockchain in the world

We can achieve what we need on the Waves platform and will add ERC20 to access more markets and investor pools.


# Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h)
1   Bitcoin $60,552,153,058 $3,476.18 $4,383,266,768
2   XRP $12,596,583,702 $0.31 $359,214,787
3   Ethereum $9,419,200,040 $90.78 $1,621,657,235
4   Stellar $2,207,878,237 $0.12 $149,649,011
5   Tether $1,886,843,336 $1.02 $2,776,343,508
6   Bitcoin Cash $1,805,107,985 $103.11 $63,746,621
7   EOS $1,767,723,042 $1.95 $703,893,493
8   Bitcoin SV $1,587,560,088 $90.69 $50,671,920
9   Litecoin $1,466,339,183 $24.63 $379,033,020
10   TRON $890,081,688 $0.01 $79,620,900
# Name Market Cap Price Volume (24h)
11   Cardano $790,089,162 $0.03 $10,384,493
12   Monero $732,647,871 $44.03 $11,349,729
13   Binance Coin $659,934,401 $5.05 $23,746,247
14   IOTA $645,913,872 $0.23 $3,535,418
15   NEM $629,962,972 $0.07 $7,907,821
16   Dash $561,834,109 $66.09 $144,692,153
17   Ethereum Classic $416,549,605 $3.90 $98,609,041
18   NEO $396,454,585 $6.10 $110,744,472
19   Zcash $308,085,141 $56.69 $149,612,530
20   Tezos $252,366,416 $0.42 $2,035,226

The Average cost for a Hydro Dam in USA at 2017 is 500 MW 2.442 Billions $ Asia needs the equivalent of 3,278 more HydroDams built AOE will go on to Deliver Gigawatts of electricity, and can achieve 23+ Billion by 2028, making AOECOIN the #3 Coin in the world as of today, and go on to delivering an entire world of Change, for Billions of people.


Security Version
Non Security Version

Security Version

Per Institutional Investor Requirements:

Fully compliant with SEC KYC and AML requirements, and fully securitized benefits. Asset Backed by the power plants, Steady 8x a day Income to the investors. PRE-IPO Discounts, Indexed stock credits, Tech Portfolio license fees, and more.


Non Security Version

For the "Common" Man:

SEC compliant as a non-security. Possible Donations to the coinholders leading to Possibly the same benefits as the Securitized version though due SEC regs, not guaranteed. Support AOE and Breakthrough Clean Tech commercialization.

wave coin


We support, are allied with, or supported by, a growing number of smart, innovative, visionary, top financial and other top firms, companies, and organizations due both their and our shared passions, visions, priorities, values, and commitments to high quality business, technology, and practices.



  • Sponsored by World Economic Forum
  • Sponsored by Echelon Asia and E27 founder
  • Sponsored by ASEAN Sustainable Week
  • Sponsored by Cambodia Startup Fair and Cambodia Investor Club (now cancelled due to zero investment offers by Cambodia bosses, Ochneas, and Government, NGOs, PE funds.)
  • Sponsored by Startup Cambodia Emerald Hub
  • Sponsored by Victory Coworking Space
  • Sponsored by Singapore Week of Innovation
  • Sponsored by TokenNews Japan's #1 ICO investment news group


- Nominated by Global Banking and Finance Review for #1 Cleantech/Fintech Startup Cambodia, with Global Game-changing Potential
- Voted Most Valuable Project
- Voted Best Project
- Voted Most Likely to succeed
- Won #3 out of 500 entrants in Startup competition in China but bosses refused to invest to foreign face Startup in China with no "Chinese controlling partners and free technology access" (the world of non Chinese face humans given the middle finger even as 2 million a year of their own die all around them and we went to help them). We since relocated out of China.
- Bloomberg Asia CMO Offered to Showcase Us to the World on Bloomberg TV when we are ready.
- Won TechStars Fintech 54 Hour Competition (but Techstars doesn't invest and didn't even record the presentations)
- "Passed Nikola Tesla's 700 patents" with 1,754 Breakthrough Technologies, in 2017


AOE has been preparing business plans in the hundreds of pages for 3 years and has pitched dozens of times at many meetings, centers, major venues, events, and fairs across Asia. Quality Investors especially those experienced in high powered western startup investing, or small cap, emerging markets, or cleantech, or value investment specifically income and asset and utility development, will absolutely love the mass of hard nosed on paper endless preparation work AOE has gone through in the last 3 years, pen to paper readying for fortune 500 growth track, commercially bankable major projects, and IPO capital to bond markets, clean and green bond financing, and many others. Feast and deploy, we’ve got your CHARGE.




AOE just set up a free Brand New Internet Wifi Access point in one of the poorest communities in Phnom Penh. Governments and NGOs have not even set up Wifi access for education for these people despite their 700 Million dollar a year budgets and government's budgets of 2+ Billion a year and China's 16 Billion dollar "contribution" which has resulted in zero charity zero social welfare benefits ...

AOE Met another Christian School today in a very poor and marginalized area of Phnom Penh city, losing $500 a month to toxic energy, which they could instead be paying 2 monthly teacher's salaries on. We have the Director excited about Changing over to Alpha Omega Energy's Solar Christian School program, zero out of pocket, zero installation costs, lower monthly payments, more energy security, and accepting the blessing of 100% Free electricity beamed down from the Creator Universe every day! ...

+1 AOE Charge Team!! 💥💥⚡️⚡️🔥🔥
AOE Added another teammate today, Graphic Designer, Videos, IT Networking, Marketing Material, Coding, and other IT related functions. GO TEAM!!! ...

AOE locks and loads plan for next 10 Hires and Looks in the rapidly incoming applicant files to bring them on board asap. Now 391 Kilowatts of Solar Clients in the Hopper, prepping to now move to order and Import Solar Panels and Support Gear. 30+ CVs ready for once the promotion phase begins ...

Investors that didn't get in yet? They missed another double. Too bad so sad, get in now, Because CHARGING to Growth knows no Complacency. The underdog kids are beating you to it, Hurry up and Lock em ...

AOE Got a Quotation Request today for 10 Megawatts Of Solar Equipment by a Major Cambodian Manufacturer. They have recieved quotes and done analysis from several companies but still have zero solar and zero energy solutions due to wanting a finance solution combined with the package that Only AOE has and can offer ...